Getting Around In Boston

Wedding events are conveniently located around the Charles River that divides Boston and Cambridge/Watertown. The hotels, major sites, and the airport are all well connected by public transportation (the "T"). For the short ride to and from the wedding venue we recommend using Uber or Taxi. Check out the map below to get a better sense of the area, and keep in mind the stars represent wedding central and the venue, while other markings highlight some of the fun things to do around town. Scroll down further for some specific transportation recommendations and estimates.

The Airport

Logan Airport is conveniently connected to most major hotels and sites in the city by public and private transportation options. Here are some options to get from the airport to each hotel (keep in mind Uber can not be used from Logan):

  • Courtyard Marriott, Cambridge
    • 7.4 Miles, 13 Minutes
    • Taxi: $35-55
    • Uber*:  $23-31
  • Hyatt Regency
    • 5.2 Miles, 12 Minutes
    • Taxi: $30-50
    • Uber*: $22-30
  • Courtyard Marriott, Waltham
    • 17.9 Miles, 29 Minutes
    • Taxi: $75-100
    • Uber*: $39-52

*Uber pickups from Logan may be a challenge so check ahead.

The Venue

We recommend driving or taking a taxi/ride-share to and from the venue.  While public transportation is an option it is indirect and inconvenient on Sundays.  Here are some basic estimates from each hotel:

  • Courtyard Marriott, Cambridge
    • 4.5 Miles, 12 Minutes
    • Taxi: $15
    • Uber:  $8-$11
  • Hyatt Regency
    • 5.2 Miles, 13 Minutes
    • Taxi: $20
    • Uber: $9-$12
  • Courtyard Marriott, Waltham
    • 6.9 Miles, 19 Minutes
    • Taxi: $25
    • Uber: $13-17

Around Town

In general, the Boston area subway system (affectionately known as "The T") is the most efficient and cost effective way to move around the city.  Here are the closest options from each hotel are:

*The Courtyard Marriott in Waltham is not close enough to a train station to walk.
**This line stops at Wedding Central but does not run on Sunday.
***The Fitchburg commuter line only runs on weekdays.

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